East Lansing Summer Cohorts

2017 Dates

On Campus at MSU: Monday, July 10 through Friday, July 21 (Weekends Excluded)
Online: Saturday, July 22 through Thursday, August 17
Back for Final Celebration Day at MSU: Friday, August 18

What is the Hybrid Summer Cohort program?

Each summer we welcome two cohorts of educators to the beautiful College of Education at Michigan State University for two weeks of extraordinary face-to-face learning. After these two on-campus weeks, students return home to complete four more weeks of learning with their cohorts online. At the end of the summer, all students return to campus for one day to present their best work, and to share in celebrations of their successes.  We call this a hybrid cohort program because it blends face-to-face and online learning experiences. The cohort model allows students to forge strong professional connections to a group of colleagues who are working through a common set of courses together.

How is the Hybrid Summer Cohort Program structured?

A unique aspect of this version of our programs is that the curricula from three graduate-level courses are blended to feel like one integrated learning experience. We integrate assignments across courses to emphasize the relationships among ideas, and to provide a connected learning experience that flows as a whole, rather than as three separate parts.

Year 1 Cohort: Students complete CEP 810, 811 and 812, the course sequence that leads to the Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology. Students can enroll in this cohort as a Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology student or as an MAET degree student. To get a sense of both face-to-face and online learning experiences typical of the Year 1 Cohort, please explore prior years’ Year 1 Cohort course pages.

Year 2 Cohort: Students complete CEP 800, 815 and 822. Students must be admitted to the MAET degree program to enroll in this cohort. To get a sense of both face-to-face and online learning experiences typical of the Year 2 Cohort, please explore prior years’ Year 2 Cohort course pages.

MAET degree students who complete both Year 1 Cohort and Year 2 Cohort experiences earn a total of 18 graduate credits toward their degree over two summers. They can complete the other four courses (12 credits) required for the MAET degree online, or by blending Overseas and online learning options. Graduates of MSU’s teaching internship may also be able to transfer credits toward their degree.

During the face to face time classes do not meet on the weekends.

Why should I do it?

Many teachers tell us that the connections they build to other teachers through our hybrid summer cohorts enrich their professional lives long after the courses are over.

Teachers also tell us that summer hybrid programs allow them to focus on their professional learning exclusively without having to balance their regular teaching responsibilities at the same time. Many teachers appreciate the chance to fully immerse themselves in learning again!

What do students say about our programs?

“The work load was very intense but the sense of accomplishment was well worth it. I learned so much in such a short period of time!  The hybrid was great because you could focus on your schoolwork and not be worrying about teaching at the same time. I was so proud of myself once I finished. Twenty-four weeks of instruction completed in 6 weeks! Now that is something to be proud of!”
~Mary Tovey, Master’s in Educational Technology Student, 2013 Hybrid Summer Student, Fourth Grade Teacher, Troy, Michigan

“These courses have been my most challenging experiences I have ever been through to date. But, I have learned more and felt more accomplished doing this program than I have ever felt in this period of time. My cohorts were my biggest assets gained, along with my phenomenal professors who believed in me and challenged me to stick through it, and I am so glad I did! I am excited to start the Master’s program next summer.”
~Yalonda Combs, 2013 Hybrid Summer Student, and High School Visual Arts Teacher, Michigan

How much is it?

Depending on the application path you choose and where you live, tuition rates differ. Please visit our Tuition page for a listing of all current tuition rates.

How long will it take me?

Hybrid Summer Cohort programs last six weeks during the summer.

When can I start?

Hybrid summer programs begin in June each year. All dates are listed on our Times and Locations page.

How do I apply?

To enter the Hybrid Summer Program Year 1 Cohort , you must decide whether to apply directly to the MAET degree program or whether you would like to enroll in the Year 1 Cohort program as a Graduate Certificate Student. This will depend on your career goals.

Applications for the MAET degree program will be accepted on a rolling basis, up to the first of the month before the start of the program (i.e., May 1). All information about applications to the MAET degree program can be found on our MAET Apply page.

Applications for the Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology are also accepted on a rolling basis, up to one month before the program officially begins (i.e., mid-May). All information about applications to the Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology program can be found on our Certificate Apply page.

To enroll in the Summer Hybrid Year 1 Cohort or the Year 2 cohort, please contact edutech@msu.edu to request enrollment.

What options exist for staying on campus during the face-to-face portion of the program?

For the focused study on-campus, students may choose to live on the beautiful campus of Michigan State University, taking advantage of the numerous cultural and recreational opportunities available here during the summer.

To reserve on campus housing please visit:

http://visitor.rhs.msu.edu/Default.aspx (this will be available after December 2015)

You must use the promo code: Masters 2016

Meals are available to purchase at the Riverwalk Market located conveniently within Owen Graduate Center.