Program Requirements

The Master of Arts in Educational Technology (MAET) Program is available only under Plan B (without thesis). The student must complete a total of 30 credits distributed as follows:

  1. Course Courses: All of the following courses (9 total credits);
  2. CEP 800 Psychology of Learning in School and Other Settings (3 credits)
    CEP 807 Proseminar in Educational Technology (3 credits)
    CEP 822 Approaches to Educational Research (3 credits)
  3. An Additional 21 credits of course work at the 800-level or above, as approved by the student’s academic adviser.
  4. Final Evaluation: Students are required to pass a final evaluation in the form of a presentation of a project involving the design of or research on technology based tools for supporting learning. The project will be evaluated by at least 2 MAET course instructors. Work presented must demonstrate the student’s competence in using technology to support teaching and learning and for presenting work clearly and professionally. Students must be registered during the semester in which they complete this evaluation.