East Lansing Hybrid Summer Cohort

Students will meet face-to-face on the beautiful campus of Michigan State University.

2017 Dates

On Campus at MSU: Monday, July 10 through Friday, July 21 (Weekends Excluded)
Online: Saturday, July 22 through Thursday, August 17
Back for Final Celebration Day at MSU: Friday, August 18

This hybrid version of the program combines the power of working together in a summer cohort with the flexibility of completing courses during the academic year.

The East Lansing Summer Cohort is a three-course, integrated seminar that brings together a study of technology, teaching and learners. Throughout the time together on-campus and online, students will explore various uses of technology and what is currently known – or believed – about human learning and development. After all, in order to use technology in meaningful ways, we must understand who it is that will use the technology and their abilities at a specific age and/or grade.

This integrated seminar includes all three Certificate Courses: CEP 810, CEP 811 and CEP 812.

CEP 810: Teaching for Understanding with Technology
CEP 811: Adapting Innovative Technologies in Education
CEP 812: Applying Educational Technology to Issues of Practice

Cohort Goals

The East Lansing Summer Cohort has two goals: an easy one and a difficult one. The easy one is to learn about technology. Some students may already know a lot about technology and some may know less, but learning how to use the technology is the easy goal. The difficult goal is figuring out what to do with the knowledge of specific technologies to help students learn and develop professionally. This is where things often get messy and confusing. Clear answers are hard to come by, in fact sometimes it may not even be clear what the problems are. The goal of the summer cohort is to make some headway into these issues.

Staying On-Campus

For the focused study on-campus, students may choose to live on the beautiful campus of Michigan State University, taking advantage of the numerous cultural and recreational opportunities available here during the summer.

To reserve on campus housing please visit:

http://visitor.rhs.msu.edu/Default.aspx (this will be available after December 2015)

You must use the promo code: Masters 2016