CEP 812

Applying Educational Technology to Issues of Practice

CEP 812 is the third and final course in the Educational Technology Certificate Program sequence. Broadly conceived, this course focuses on the ways that we can use a range of technologies to address a range of teaching and education-related problems. Students explore properties of well-structured, ill-structured, and wicked problems before reading about human social and cognitive dispositions that limit our ability to solve big problems smartly. In addition to working with a think tank of peers to examine a wicked, high-priority educational problem, students critically examine their “info diet,” collect data that will inform a deeper understanding of the culture of technology integration that surrounds them, explore ways to use technologies to support special learning needs, and reflect on the ways they leverage technologies with passion and curiosity to support student learning.


In CEP 812, you will…


  • About well-structured, ill-structured and wicked problems

  • From James Paul Gee about (a) why people struggle to solve big problems smartly and (b) how we can use digital technologies to address some of these limitations, especially in schools

  • About the potential of participatory culture to bring about great and powerful change, but also the challenges we must consider as consumers of information on the Internet

  • About a learning need of your choice, using library databases for research


  • A range of digital tools and their potential applications to problems of practice

  • Solutions to a wicked problem with your Think Tank

  • New ideas about problem solving


  • A screencast

  • A Voicethread with your Wicked Problem Think Tank

  • Several blog posts that address a range of critical and reflective issues

  • A survey


  • All of your work with colleagues and to your PLN on your blog

  • Thoughtful comments on colleagues’ work