CEP 811

Adapting Innovative Technologies in Education

In CEP 811 you will be immersed in repurposing the world around you to create experiences that are Novel, Effective, and Whole (NEW.) You will be building upon the work you did in CEP 810, digging deeper into the TPACK theory (Technology, Pedagogy and Content Knowledge), applying and playing with theories of learning, and continuing to grow your professional networks and professional presence.  In CEP 811 we will experiment with what some have dubbed “maker culture”. We be repurpose the world around us and explore new (and old) ways of designing learning experiences that are rooted in creativity and purposeful design practices.


In CEP 811 you will


  • How to repurpose the world around you, using existing technologies and creating new ones.
  • About Maker Education, and theories of constructivism that inform this approach to teaching and learning.


  • A range of innovative technologies that can be adapted to contexts of teaching and learning (eg., Maker Kits, SketchUp, Tinker Cad, Evernote, Zoom, Google Hangout, Mozilla Hello, Piktochart)


  • Your ideas and creations with global networks of makers and educators in formal and informal professional development contexts.