Educational Technology

What is the Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology?

This graduate-level credential in technology integration prepares educators who work with students in a range of educational settings to help students become powerful digital-age thinkers, makers and problem solvers. In just one or two semesters, you will acquire foundational knowledge and skills that will transform your thinking about how, why and when to integrate a range of digital technologies to support student learning.

We give you choices that fit your needs. You can take classes online. Our hybrid summer cohort blends face-to-face and online learning. Our overseas program offers four weeks of face-to-face learning.

The Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology is:

  • 9 credits, 3 courses – CEP 810, CEP 811, CEP 812
  • signifies that students have foundations in theories and practices of technology integration in educational settings
  • can be completed as a stand-alone credential or as a part of the MAET degree program or other university degree programs.

Why should I do it?

A lot of Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology students enroll because, as educators, they know there are ways to use digital tools that go beyond just “adding on” or using technology for its own sake. They’re eager to learn new technologies but they’re especially eager to figure out how to use those technologies to enhance student learning.

Students — both novice and experienced — need to learn how to learn to evaluate, analyze, curate, create, deconstruct, remix, and learn complex content using a range of digital tools. More than ever, your students need teachers who can help them to leverage digital tools to become powerful digital users, makers and thinkers. The Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology courses will give you the foundation needed to operationalize this in your professional practice.

What do students say about our courses and programs?

“I feel much more comfortable with new technologies. I also feel that I have gained a great deal of professional acquaintances.” ~CEP 812 Online Student, Fall 2013

“I am now more aware of how ‘technology’ can work in the classrooms and not just through computers and SMART boards. I can now work with my students on exploring, creating, and sharing assignments.” ~CEP 810 Online Student, Fall 2013

“Wonderful course… thank you! Communication was good, feedback was timely and detailed. I loved the Gee book, and look forward to reading the chapters we skipped for class.” ~CEP 812 Online student, Fall 2013

“I was lucky to have an excellent instructor for this course. Her connectedness with students was awesome. Some instructors seem so removed from students – she seemed EXCITED about teaching, and you could feel that excitement. She gave terrific feedback, approached things with a great sense of humor and common sense. I cannot state enough how good it felt to have an instructor who really listened, didn’t make the student feel like a burden, and was encouraging and appropriately empathetic. One of the best instructor experiences of my years at MSU.” ~CEP 810 Online Student, Fall 2013

How much is it?

Depending on the application path you choose and where you live, tuition rates differ. Please visit our Tuition page for a listing of all current tuition rates.

How long will it take me?

Each online course lasts eight weeks. You can enroll in one course, two courses or all three courses at once. Most students take one course at a time because they are working full time. Typically, students take CEP 810 and 811 back-to-back in fall or spring and complete CEP 812 the following semester.

Hybrid and Overseas dates can be found on their respective pages.

When can I start?

Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology online courses begin every eight weeks. Please check our Times and Locations page for the most updated information about course start times.

Hybrid and Overseas programs take place during the summer months only.

How do I apply?

To apply to the Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology, visit the Certificate Apply page. The Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology program code is 6736.

Applications must be received one month before you would like to start classes. (See the Overseas page for program specific application deadlines.)

Please note that you will need to have your undergraduate transcripts sent to us for review.

Also note: Michigan State University is obligated to comply with state authorization laws regarding distance education. Because of these laws, residents of some US states are not eligible to apply to online programs at MSU. For a full review of state-by-state authorization laws, please review this summary document before you apply to an online program at MSU. At present, MSU is not authorized to offer online programs/distance education to any residents of Arkansas or Maryland. Some restrictions apply to residents of other states as well.