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The Bridge Webinar Series: Informal Learning Spaces

In this month’s Bridge episode we will be talking with experts to discuss learning that happens outside of school and traditional curricula. We are looking forward to a great discussion with three researchers who examine different spaces — virtual, museums and after-school clubs — and all focus on using these areas in different ways. Please […]

The Bridge: Digital Games, Online Teachers & Aesthetics in Science Education

Join us tomorrow, Tuesday, March 24, 2015 for The Bridge Webinar Series. Time: 12-1 pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time Where: for the livestream Twitter: #MAETBridge About this episode: This month’s episode of The Bridge Webinar Series will bring together four educational researchers whose work on digital games, online learning, and science education shed new […]

The Bridge: Technology Integration to Support Learning in Mathematics Classrooms

This month, The Bridge Webinar Series focuses on technology integration in mathematics classrooms. Dr. Sam Otten, Assistant Professor of Math Education at the University of Missouri will join math teachers, and MAET alumni, Elizabeth Kupiecki and Ryan Brown, for an in-depth exploration of questions such as: What is the difference between using new technology, such […]

The Bridge: EdCamp with Team MAET

Have you ever wondered what faculty and instructors in the MAET program do when they’re not teaching courses and answering students’ emails? Have you ever wondered what questions drive their research? What issues in Education matter most to them? What work they pursue to make the world a better place? This month’s The Bridge webinar […]

The Bridge Webinar Series: Shop Talk with K-12 Tech Integration Specialists

Technology Integration Specialists in K-12 schools and districts often hold Master’s degrees in Educational Technology. In fact, we know that many students apply to our Master’s of Educational Technology program because they hope to move into a technology integration position. As more and more districts scale up their technology offerings, the technology integration role is […]

The Bridge Webinar Series: Integrating Tech to Support Social Studies Instruction in K-12

Are you a Social Studies teacher? Are you responsible for thinking about technology and digital literacies integration in social studies classrooms? Are you interested in the work that MAET graduates do in classrooms, but also in other professional settings? If so, you will not want to miss the next episode of The Bridge Webinar Series.  […]

The Bridge Webinar Series: MAET Women Talk Global Trends in Ed Tech

Because President Obama named a woman, Megan Smith, as Chief Technology Officer of the United States on September 4th, 2014 and because Ada Lovelace day (October 14) will happen before our October webinar, we are kicking off the The Bridge Webinar Series this fall with a truly global conversation about trends in educational technology with […]

The Bridge Webinar Series: Special Student-led Week of Inquiry

Starting today, The Bridge will begin a special week-long student-led series of conversations on issues of pressing importance in educational technology. Following on the heels of the GREAT14: Global Resources in Education And Technology conference coordinated by the second-year cohort of our MAET overseas program in Galway, Ireland, this unique week-long webinar series is coordinated […]

The Bridge Webinar Series: Developing Information Literacy and Technology Skills in Students

The last webinar in our week-long student-led series of The Bridge will wrap up this Friday, July 18 from 12-1 pm Eastern Time. The focus of this conversation will be the development of information literacy and technology skills in students. Joining Master’s in Educational Technology students, Karle Rewerts, Thomas Woodward, Kimberly Owens and Ryan Moore […]

The Bridge Webinar Series: Copyright in Education

Please join Master’s in Educational Technology students for a special episode of The Bridge Webinar Series Wednesday, July 16, 2014 from 7:00 PM-8:00 PM Eastern Time, to discuss issues of copyright in education. Copyright is a gray area with a constantly changing definition. As culture continues to shift in a collaborative and open sourced nature, […]

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