The Bridge Webinar Series: Integrating Tech to Support Social Studies Instruction in K-12

Are you a Social Studies teacher? Are you responsible for thinking about technology and digital literacies integration in social studies classrooms? Are you interested in the work that MAET graduates do in classrooms, but also in other professional settings? If so, you will not want to miss the next episode of The Bridge Webinar Series. 

Kyle Shack, Social Studies teacher and Digital Learning Coach at Allegan Alternative High School in Allegan, MI, will join Jeff Gerlach,  middle-school Social Studies teacher turned instructional designer at Michigan Virtual University, and Pilar Quezzaire, art historian, social studies teacher, and curriclum manager at the International Baccalaureate (IB) in The Hague, to explore answers to pressing questions in social studies education.

Discussion questions will include:

  • How can we use technologies to teach multiple perspectives in social studies?
  • How can we integrate technologies to support digital literacies development?
  • How can we use technologies to create inquiry-based learning experiences in social studies classrooms?
  • How can technologies support both formative and summative assessment?
  • How do ever-changing modes of communication alter the ways in which our students interact with current events?
  • How can we give students more control over the timing, pacing, and scope of their learning in the social studies classroom?

Please join us!

The conversation will run live on Tuesday, October 21 from 12PM-1PM Eastern Time at

If you miss the livestream, the conversation will be archived at too.

Resources will also be openly shared on the embedded EtherPad for you to explore.


Date: Tuesday, October 21,  2014
Time: 12pm Eastern Time
Where: Watch the embedded livestream at
What: Think with three expert social studies teachers and curriculum designers about the tech integration issues that are most relevant to your teaching practice.

Watch #MAETBridge and #MAET on Twitter for a link to the event!

Guest Bios

Kyle Shack

I am a social studies teacher and Digital Learning Coach at Allegan Alternative High School in Allegan, MI. Along with my classroom duties, I work with a team to design, implement and lead teacher trainings to better utilize the technological resources available to staff and students across the district. Throughout my teaching career in Chicago and Michigan, I have specialized in the utilization of technology to improve the instructional experience for at risk student populations, specifically related to social studies content. I am also a member of the MSU-Wipro STEM & Leadership Fellowship instructional team.

Pilar Quezzaire

I am a curriculum manager at International Baccalaureate (“the IB”) an educational organization that authorizes and supports schools around the world. I am responsible for teaching and learning with technology across all of our programs. My duties include addressing “big” questions about technology’s use in education,working with other curriculum managers to insert technology literacy concepts and practices in the curriculum, and creating materials for educators and school leaders that support their efforts to include emerging technologies as part of teaching. Before I was hired with the IB, I was a social studies teacher and technology integration specialist at high schools in the U.S. and Lebanon. I specialized in game-based learning and technology for content creation in humanities classrooms.

Jeff Gerlach

I am an instructional designer for Michigan Virtual University. A great deal of my work is with MyBlend, MVU’s blended learning program. With MyBlend, I get to do a variety of things ranging from designing and developing Blended Learning PD courses to collaboratively building blended environments with teachers, teaching sound design principles in a way that is tailored for each teacher’s situation. Before my time with MVU, I was a social studies teacher for six years at the middle and high school levels, where I was implementing a flex model of blended learning with my students

Recommended Resources from our Panel of Experts


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