The Bridge Webinar Series: MAET Women Talk Global Trends in Ed Tech

Because President Obama named a woman, Megan Smith, as Chief Technology Officer of the United States on September 4th, 2014 and because Ada Lovelace day (October 14) will happen before our October webinar, we are kicking off the The Bridge Webinar Series this fall with a truly global conversation about trends in educational technology with a group of amazing women who are also amazing leaders in our field.

Laura Philips, Head of Physical Education at Seoul Foreign British School with join us from Seoul, South Korea. Joining The Bridge from Lima, Peru will be Sean Sweeney, Director of Technology Integration at Colégio Franklin Delano Roosevelt: The American School of Lima. Mary Worrell will join us from The Netherlands. She teaches English Language and Literature at The International School of Breda, and supports technology integration as a member of the school’s technology integration team. Gitane Reveilleau will join us from Delhi, India. Gitane is an English as an Additional Language teacher and currently serves elementary students and teachers at the American Embassy School of New Delhi as a technology coach.

In addition to identifying specific trends of pressing importance in their local contexts, discussion will focus on trends that these global ed tech leaders feel will be most transformative for learning, with technologies, in schools. Specifically, we’ll talk about how to use technologies to change structures of schooling, and forms of thinking in ways that truly leverage the potential of technologies for learning.  As part of this conversation, we’ll consider the potential impact of technologies such as Google Glass, and the recently launched, Google Watch. We’ll also think about how to support development of strategic, metacognitive thinking habits using technologies.

Please join us!

The conversation will run live on Tuesday, September 16  from 12PM-1PM Eastern Time at

If you miss the livestream, the conversation will be archived at too.

Resources will also be openly shared on the embedded EtherPad for you to explore.


Date: Tuesday, September 16,  2014

Time: 12pm, Eastern Time

Where: Watch the embedded livestream at

What: Learn about global trends in educational technology from women who are leading ed tech programs and initiatives around the world.

Watch #MAETBridge and #MAET on Twitter for a link to the event!

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