FYC – For Your Classroom

One form of cloud computing that we have started using a lot at my school is Dropbox. Dropbox basically works like an online flash drive. You can save files to private folders, public folders, or shared folders. You manually enter the usernames of whoever you want to share with.

I’d known about Dropbox for a little while, but only started using it when I had to. We had a 20 minute movie that we needed to get from my school to an elementary school in my district. They needed it that day, and nobody had a blank CD. It was simple to setup my Dropbox account, put the file in a folder, help a teacher at the other school setup their account, and share the folder. The whole process took about a half hour.

When you create your free account you will get 2GB of storage for free. If you are interested in Dropbox, and want 2.25 GB instead of 2GB, click on this link: http://db.tt/qCAkj8h (You and I both get .25GB for free) Enjoy!

(Submitted by Jimmy Dunn on the MACUL Space Edutech Group)

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